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TV Host, producer and creator of various TV shows, intellectual games, music festivals/Former member and speaker of the Seimas

During more than 20 years in television, Arūnas has been a producer, host or guest in more than 2,5 thousand events: TV projects, quizzes, concerts, etc.

Arūnas is a long-term speaker and a lecturer on business, marketing, communication, motivational topics. 

Nevertheless, he is a head and a lecturer at TV presenters' course at SMK University of Applied Social Sciences.

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Producer and creator of various TV shows and documentaries 

An award-winning traveller,  journalist, TV personality, and producer, with over 20 years of working experience in the TV and entertainment industry. Martynas has visited countless exotic countries around the globe and is ready to share his exciting stories with the audience.

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Screenwriter & Producer

Tadas Vidmantas is the most populat Lithuanian movies producer and screen writer. Almost 8 years he lived in London and worked at M&C Saatchi marketing agency and improved his screen writing skills from best professionals. Tadas has made dozens of adverts, viral videos, music videos and short films in Lithuania and the UK.

He believes that a great story, interesting, relatable characters and realistic dialogue and emotions are the most important components to any film .

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Transformational Troubadour, Community Catalyser, Artistic Activist,  Corporate Edutainer,  Purposeful Performer, Motivational Musician

Jurgis mixes his passion for participative music and social phenomenon to bring people together, activate, and enlighten as well as shift attitudes with a focus on humanity, culture and community. His education (political science and business administration), a mixed cultural heritage (Colombian-Lithuanian), and a professional background ranging from Eurovision to EU consultant, allows him to transcend formats gracefully and connect with very diverse audiences; from kindergartens to presidential receptions. Over the past 5 years he’s done over 500 participative musical interactions all over the world for conferences, public and private organisations and countless communities.



Founder of a private chain of pre-schools "Vaikystes Sodas" and private Queen Morta School, educational consultant to the Lithuanian State, Lithuania

In 2016 Austėja Landsbergienė has been awarded a fully-funded fellowship to the Klingenstein Center for Independent School Leadership’s 2016 Heads of Schools program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

A. Landsbergienė is a lecturer and a speaker in education and leadership conferences. She is an author of five parenting books and an educational advisor to parenting magazines.

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Journalist/Writer/Broadcaster/Film director

Graduated Vilnius University (field of linguistics, majored in comparative literature) in 1993. Since 1995 has initiated various cultural and educational TV projects as journalist, writer, presenter and producer. For his journalistic and producing work has been awarded numerous public and professional awards. Since 1998 he is active as writer and director of documentaries on music, literature and science, owns a small TV production company. Rytis Zemkauskas is an author of several books and columnist at “Intelligent Life” Lithuanian edition since 2009. Since 2016 he is an associated professor at Vytautas Magnus University of Kaunas (subjects: “The art of the interview” and “Narrative construction”). Since 2016 he is a member of the curatorial board for Kaunas the European Capital of Culture 2022. His public activities also include lectures: “Social Network. Concept for a Modern Hybrid State” and “European Capital of Culture as a Role Model”.

Photo credit: Šarūnas Mažeika

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Medical business consultant, international speaker and trainer.

Lina successfully collaborates and helps executive managers with marketing and brand perception management. She helps employees learn how to improve the service they offer to their customers. Lina has been studying consumer behaviour for the last 15 years. She adapts fundamental business management principals and turns them into bespoke tools for your business.

With a blend of charisma, humour and dedication, she has the unique ability to connect with people at all levels, compelling them to make a lasting change.

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Founder at Speak Up, KTU lecturer

Brigita holds PhD in Linguistics and have over 18 years of experience in teaching, training adults and public speaking. After opening a language school "Speak Up" six years ago, together with her team she is helping adults to overcome a variety of barriers that prevent them from reaching their professional and individual goals. During the years Birgita has given multiple presentations in international conferences, gained experience in moderating and holding discussions on different topics as well as reading public lectures.


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TOP 100 Global Influencer and TOP 100 Tech Influencer,

Warren Knight is an award-winning virtual keynote speaker a top 100 Global
Influencer and top 100 Tech Influencer, he’s internationally recognised as a speaker,
trainer and coach on Digital Leadership & Digital Transformation, with 15 years
digital experience he’s an award-winning technology entrepreneur, certified Agile
leader and author of Think #Digital First.
Change agent Warren Knight’s personal approach to transforming how we view
disruptive technology is to empower individuals with positive choices to reach
business objectives and as a result builds stronger companies and more engaged
His vision is to, by 2035, help 1,000,000 leaders globally build a workplace based on
culture, community, and technology for generation Alpha.

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Housing Initiative Eastern Europe, Project Manager

I knew from the moment I entered the Law School that I wanted to work for the common good and I am happy to have the opportunity to make an impact, even if only in rather small though daily steps. I am working on projects promoting higher energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, sustainable urban planning, sustainable investment, and I love to talk about it out loud.



Political scientist

Professor at Vytautas Magnus University

Lauras Bielinis is a professor at Vytautas Magnus University and known political scientist in Lithuania.  He is mostly interested in internal policies, political communication and media. Lauras frequently comments on the major international political news for the Lithuanian and international media. He is an editor of political magazines such as "Agora" and "Politologija".




CEO at The Chocolate

Branding expert with high expertise of sales and online communications in a wide variety of business sectors.



CEO at BPN LT / Chairman of the Board at Lithuanian Marketing Association

16+ years in digital business development & marketing. Working with biggest brands, developing business models, marketing strategies, driving growth for biggest E-coms. In last several years as a speaker, moderator or lecturer Linas attended series of different market events speaking from the stages of the biggest and most significant conferences.

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CEO at Caption / Instagram&LinkedIn Expert

Karolis is the head of Caption, a social media marketing agency. He's one of the most active Lithuanians on LinkedIn, digging deep into digital marketing with his 18k followers. He likes to experiment, that's why he'd like you to go to Caption website through this shortened URL, so he could track how many people read this sentence: bit.ly/pabandom. He's also not sure why he chose to introduce himself in third person.



Thought Leader / Business person

4 exits, 5000+ digital projects, 100+ awards, 300+ publications, 300+ lectures, 20+ jury member (2 head of digital jury) in international advertising /  innovation festivals.

Photo credit: T. Kauneckas, “Žmonės”

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Founder and CEO at Linkedist

Kotryna Kurt is the founder of a consulting company called Linkedist, where they help other businesses grow with the power of LinkedIn marketing and advertising. She is also an active content creator on LinkedIn, where she mainly talks about entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, and marketing.

In the last years, Kotryna has delivered more than 400 workshops at companies, conferences or accelerators in Scandinavia and Baltics.

She is all about practical workshops which not only inspire but also motivate to execute with clear recommendations and steps.

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TV host / international magazine "What do people do?" editor

Rasa Janina Jusionytė is a recognized TV and radio host, an editor of international 'What do people do?' magazine, the founder of ‘What you do, do well’ online courses, and the host in podcasts.



Digital creator / Youtube vlogger

Linas Marcišauskas is a well recognised Youtube vlogger, host and moderator. In his channel @LinasDirbaDarbus, Linas takes on another job every month. Why? Because he wants to understand what a job is, how it changes a person, and what are the difficulties in each and every job. His work portfolio already includes garbage carrier, restaurant waiter, buns baker, Wolt and Bolt courier, and a conference MC.

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Journalist/TV host/Space enthusiast

A former deputy editor at the Lithuanian National Radio and Television, currently a freelance science journalist, host, communicator and a soon-to-be author (a book for children about the pursuit of extraterrestrial life, full of insights from the best scientists in the field, is in the making). The TL;DR version of Goda: cosmos, science, journalism, techno, skepticism. Goda has recently aired her science and critical thinking show on DELFI TV called Radical Curiosity, co-founded Techo.lt, founded science-cafe even series Kosmonautų pusryčiai, and has been collaborating with the brightest minds from ESA, CERN and NASA. Embrace the cosmos!

Photo Credit: Andrius Ufartas


Science promoter/TV host/Content creator

Lukas Keraitis, a creator of radio and television programs, a popularizer of science and a freelance content creator, has nailed several different projects that were rising issues relevant to society in which the answers are looked for based on rationality and the light of science. Lukas accomplishes mission to explain complex things in a simple way by filming reports, recording webcasts, or moderating discussions.


Personal branding expert/Serial entrepreneur

Giedre Ray is a serial entrepreneur, personal branding expert, and public speaker. Giedre is sharing her knowledge and competence on how to create a strong personal brand online, form authority, and sell your services.

Giedre’s customers reach their professional & business goals by leveraging social media & online knowledge-based platforms. More than 1000 professionals have already participated in Giedre’s courses and 1:1 consulting sessions.


Dr Ramunė Dirvanskienė has a PhD in neuropsychology from Edinburgh University, Scotland, where she has worked in the University Neurology Clinic in clinical research projects and pharmaceutical trials. Having returned to Lithuania she now lectures in Vilnius University and gives public lectures about the brain. In these lectures she shares her clinical experience, presents in lay language the main neuroscience findings and the key elements about the brain – it‘s structure and functions, and how they are affected by various brain diseases and lifestyle choices. Dr Dirvanskiene has authored a popular science book "How the brain works" where she answers the most frequently asked questions about the brain.


Google, App Growth Manager, Emerging Markets

During 4 years of work @ Google Leo has helped 50+ companies to grow by +$100M yearly revenue, expand into 40+ markets, establish themselves as leaders within Fintech, Retail & Mobility Sector and publish 2 Think with Google case studies.

Prior to Google Leo has opened IT learning campuses in Nairobi, Kenya & Dhaka, Bangladesh funded by EdTech Start-up, Rockefeller Foundation & Danish Foreign Ministry. Being a member of WEF Global Shapers Leo is passionate about mentorship & empowerment of the underrepresented groups.

Over the last 10 years Leo has accumulated extensive public speaking experience having shared the same stage with Bear Grylls presenting in front of +1000 people & Senior Google Executives.


Environmental Journalist @ Išpakuota

Rugilė Matusevičiūtė is an environmental activist, a podcaster, and a writer that spreads the message about sustainability through her project "Išpakuota". Her work focuses on analysing complicated environmental questions and finding ways to answer them in an entertaining and comprehensive manner. Rugilė's goal is to encourage people to constantly question their surroundings, embrace critical thinking and focus on rationality. 


Founder & Strategist at Persona Cognita,

Senior Assistant Professor at ISM University of Management and Economics

Dominyka Venciūtė, PhD is one of the best-known personal brand experts, a lecturer at ISM University of Management, and Economics, certified marketing manager and the founder and consultant of Persona Cognita.

Dominyka has been working in different areas of marketing for a decade, and a few years ago, her interest shifted towards the peculiarities of personal branding. Today, she consults companies and individuals on marketing and communications, organizes employee advocacy programs and company trainings, and helps professionals with different areas of expertise to develop their personal brands.

Over the past two years, Dominyka has participated in over 40 conferences, public and private events, presenting various talks on personal branding and marketing for over 4 thousand people.

Danske_panorama-106 - Vytautas Ašeris (1


FVP, Leader of WM department at Danske Bank

Partnership Professor at Vilnius University

Being blessed and lucky to explore both - academic and business worlds - Vytautas has developed pashions for topics of emotional inteligence, biohacking, modern education and very recently - diversity and inclusion. Due to dual backgrounds, Vytautas balances between both - very pragmatic practical approach and academic theory. Listeners tend to praise authentic and down-to-earth style in presenting these topics as well.



Former Self-Driving Operations Instructor @ Waymo

A founder at Taho Inc. consultancy company - former Instructor at Mountain View-based Waymo - formerly the Google self-driving car project.

GetJar’s first US-based employee (worked as Sales Operations Manager)

Romanas has also worked as a VP of Mobiles Sales and Business Development at Spigot Inc.

For Nextury Ventures he represented company's startups in Silicon Valley.

Nevertheless, Romanas is a member of the San Francisco Lithuanian Community, Kaunas 2022 Ambassador, Mentor at LT Big Brother



Communication consultant/Writer/Journalist

The author of 10 books, experienced journalist, regular columnist in the largest Lithuanian periodicals, and communication consultant Giedrius Drukteinis. His portfolio include working with companies such as PHILIPS, SONY, DHL, DYSON, WHIRLPOOL, KFC, TUPPERWARE, AVON, AVIS, DANISCO, BRITISH AIRWAYS, FINNAIR, ELEKTROMARKT, XEROX, LATVENERGO, NOKIA, PAULIG, SUBWAY, NIVEA, PIZZA HUT, SANTA MARIA, DANSUKKER, as well as various political parties and individuals. Since 1999 he has been lecturing and conducting seminars for Lithuanian and foreign businesses, academic and state institutions.











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